SIAM annual meeting 2017

This is the report of our representative Jin Li:

The SIAM annual meeting 2017 was held during July 9-14 in Pittsburgh, USA. This annual meeting was also held jointly with the SIAM Conference on Industrial and Applied Geometry (GD17) and the  SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications (CT17). And also there were different workshops such as the SIAM Workshop on Parameter Space Dimension Reduction and SIAM Workshop on Network Science. I participated in different talks as well as tutorials and learned a lot from it.


There were not only academia talks but also some other different colorful activities such as Career Fair. The career fair featured representatives from nonacademic employers from industry and government. These representatives were prepared to discuss with people the opportunities for internships, postdoctoral appointments and full-time jobs at their organizations. It was a great opportunity to realize the difference of mathematician work between academia and industry. Tons of people participated this activity and I took a photo with one of them from Los Alamos National Laboratory and one of representatives from University of Texas at Austin.


As a representative of SIAM Heidelberg chapter, “Student Days” was one of great activities during SIAM annual meeting 2017. We all representatives from different chapters as well as executive board of SIAM got together, ate breakfast and share our experiences about holding activities and developing our own chapter. We discussed a lot within group at first then I was selected to share my experiences to other representatives about SIAM Heidelberg chapter activities.


The SIAM and its annual meeting was a wonderful activity and platform which I learned not only a lot of current hot topics in academia but also realized the difference between working in academia and industry.

Pittsburgh, USA
The career fair panel
Graduate Student and Industry Reception activity
Share my experience to other representatives in the Student Days