2nd Symposium of the German SIAM Student Chapters

 Joint workshop with:
 - SIAM Student Chapter Magdeburg
 - SIAM Student Chapter Trier



August 15-16, 2013

IWR, Heidelberg University

About the Workshop

After the successful launch in autumn 2012, the annual series continues 2013 with the 2nd Symposium of the German SIAM Student Chapters. With participants and in cooperation with the SIAM Student Chapters Trier and Magdeburg the 2013 Symposium will be held at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) at Heidelberg University, the host of the Heidelberg Chapter of SIAM.

This two-day workshop with speakers from all existing German SIAM Student Chapters will cover a wide variety of topics including nonlinear programming, parameter estimation in ordinary and stochastic differential equation models, optimal control, design of optimal experiments, and application examples at an introductory level.

On the first day's evening after the workshop, there will be an excursion to the world's most famous ruin, the Heidelberger Schloss, followed by an informal get-together in the historic city center.

See the program and poster below for topics and details.


Just write us a short notice, if you’d like to be part of this exceptional SIAM meeting.

We’re happy to answer your questions and looking forward to seeing you in Heidelberg!


Impressions from the 2nd Symposium


Thursday, August 15

14:00  Welcome
14:15  Heiko Weichelt:
  Numerical Methods for Multi-Field Flow Problems
14:45  Natasha Sharma:  A Cochain Complex for Interior Penalty Methods: Error Estimates and Multigrid Through Differential Relations
15:15  Coffee Break
15:45  Jared Okiro: 
 Higher Order Numerical Simulation of Calcium Dynamics Using Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
16:15  Marina Schneider:  Reduced Order Models For The Implied Variance Under Local Volatility
16:45  Jessica Bosch:  Cahn-Hilliard Image Inpainting
17:15  Closing Remarks
18:00  Sightseeing Heidelberg Castle
19:00  Joint Dinner

Friday, August 16

09:00  Christine Edman:  Solution Methods for Expensive Optimization Problems
09:30  Benjamin Unger:  Nonlinear Model Reduction in an Optimal Control Setting
10:00  Matthias Voigt:  The Singular Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problem for Differential-Algebraic Systems
10:30  Coffee Break
11:00  Michael Jung: 
 On Integer Relaxations for Mixed-Integer Optimal Control
11:30  Heinz Zorn:  Optimization of the Fiber Orientation in  Fiber-Reinforced Composites
12:00  Leonard Wirsching: Efficient Numerics for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
12:30  Lunch
13:30  Outlook: SIAM Student Chapters in Germany
14:00  Closing Remarks

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