Public Lecture by Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Martin Grötschel



January 23, 2015  -  11:00

IWR - Room 432

Public Lecture

Is (advanced) mathematics useful? — Ist (höhere) Mathematik nützlich?

by Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Martin Grötschel


The public lecture of the well known expert for combinatorial optimization,
Prof. Martin Grötschel form Berlin, was very well received by the members and friends of the Heidelberg Chapter of Siam.


Prof. Grötschel gave an entertaining talk, presenting many examples from industry, transport and daily life where advanced mathematics and especially (discrete) optimization is strongly (but maybe hidden) involved. The slides of the talk are available here.


After the talk there was the opportunity to have a snack ad some refreshments in the Common room, where also Prof. Grötschel was available and eager to chat with the audience and answer some arising questions.



Felix Lenders announcing the speaker
Prof. Grötschel during the presentation
Great audience
Get together in the Common Room