Public lecture: "Security & privacy in a post-quantum world" by Dr. Andreas Hülsing



June  29, 2016  - 16:15

Mathematikon - Conference Room 5th floor



The Heidelberg Chapter of Siam presents the IWR Colloquium talk "Security & privacy in a post-quantum world" by Dr. Andreas Hülsing.

Dr. Andreas Hülsing is a postdoctoral researcher at TU Eindhoven working with Tanja Lange in the PQCRYPTO project. His research is focused on the question how to make cryptography algorithms safe in the beginning era of quantum-computers. 

Many conventional encryption (e.g. RSA) and signature schemes are based on the fact that factorization of large numbers and calculation of the discrete logarithm is computational intractable with conventional computers. There exist fast quantum based algorithms (e.g. Shor's algorithm for factorization) that could be used to break these encryption methods.

Therefore there is the need to analyze encryption methods with respect to their vulnerability with respect to quantum computers. Dr. Andreas Hülsing will talk about the arising problems and challenges.


Anja announcing the speaker Dr. Andreas Hülsing
The audience